Destiny Software: It Pays For Itself In Savings

You are probably telling yourself, what a bold statement “It Pays For Itself!” but we really mean it. It doesn’t take an economics major to see all of the benefits our services can provide your company economically, but just in case, we will go over some of the stronger points of our services.

Besides the detailed descriptions of the functionality of our software that was described on the “Features” pages, on the left menu, you will find links to pages that are more detailed in showing the many key benefits that our services can provide you.

All it takes is just ONE new client to more than cover our monthly costs, but we know there will be many new clients because of our software services. We have many clients who are saying “We landed another contract because of your software!”

what we offer?

GO GREEN!: Help Our Environment And Save Money By Doing It!

Unfortunately most people think a “Green Solution” is some type of tree hugger thing and doesn’t really help out their situation. That statement could not be farther from the truth!

Employee Route Training

Having a patrol officer go with a new patrol officer to train them on a new route is costly, why not allow Destiny to show them the way with our GPS function. All of your client locations will already be installed into your company’s files so they will get turn by turn directions with no chances of getting lost. Furthermore, you or your dispatcher can monitor their every movement to ensure they are doing the job correctly


GPS Tracking

Gone are the days of when a client would say “how do I know your guard was here?”. Now you can show them irrefutable proof, that is good enough for a court of law, not to mention any times where you have a disgruntled employee who claims that they never took a lunch break, etc.. as now you can track and verify their every move.


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