This "Manage Users" page allows you to add, delete and change the users that are allowed access to your Destiny account along with giving dispatch access, placing a user into report review, denying a user login privileges and deleting a user.

A dispatcher would be given a user name and password as a regular user but as a dispatcher, they would also be given access to the dispatcher pages by checking the "Dispatch Access" box next to their name and now would be allowed to log in using their existing user name and password.

If you wish to review any user's reports before being sent out to the client, then checking the "Report Review" box next to their name would send the reports to a page for you to review and edit the report and send it to the correct recipient at your convenience.

If you terminate an employee, we recommend you use the "Deny Login" option to Deny the employee access to your account rather than deleting the employee from your account as you may need to produce reports regarding that employee at a later time for clients, litigation involving ex-employees who may acuse you of something that can be proven otherwise with a gps, status or messaging report and even for other various legal and court matters.

Deleting a user will remove that person from the Destiny system and is not recommended, this function is primarily used when entering a new user and a mistake is made and you wish to remove and replace that entry. A deleted user can be replaced but you will incur the programming time to do so.