This new feature will allow you, the security company, to create a username and password for an authorized person, from the service property, that will allow access to an Account Manager Page.

An Account Manager of the property for which you created a service account, can now go to the new Account Manager Page and create "Authorized Office Staff Users" within their account. This feature gives the Account Manager control over who can delete or modify certain records within their office. A future feature from this change will create accountability, and allow certain documents that are created, to show which office staff member created them.

Once this new feature is implemented, your clients will now have an additional bit of information that will be required to access the client portal which is called an "identifier". This is needed to ensure that your clients who happen to create a same username and password, from accessing the wrong accounts information.

This identifier can be your client's main phone number, but if you did not fill out this information in the account information page, a default random number will be assigned. So when a client calls in and states that they can not access the Client Portal, and don't know their "identifier", you can resolve this issue by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Admin Portal,
  2. Click on the [Manage Accounts] button,
  3. Click on the desired account you wish to view,
  4. Click on the "new" [Account Manager] button.
This will take you to the Account Manager page where their "identifier" can be found, and also where you can create the access for your client to manage who can access their client portal.

From this page you will be able to assign the account manager a username and password. After a username and password have been assigned you may emulate the account manager's login and specify an account identifier but more importantly create office staff users that can delete or modify reports.

This account identifier will also be used in other future features. For any questions regarding the above, please contact for assistance.

Create access for your client / property manager to the new Account Manager page:
Create Acct Mgr Access

How do you, the security company, access the Client Portal:
Client Portal Access