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The TimeClock Feature allows the employee to record the start time and end time of a shift. The employee that logged in to the ADAM602 program is the employee name / I.D that will show up on the top of the screen. The ADAM602 clock function is updated via the The U.S. Naval Observatory Atomic Clock and is accurate to 10 nanoseconds (10 one-billionths of a second) every year. When an employee "clocks" in our out, a GPS stamp is also taken of the employee's location at the time the employee "selects" start or end shift.

After the employee selects to either start or end their shift, the camera function will commence, and depending if the computer is equipped with a camera, the employee faces it toward themselves so that when the report is generated, there will be photo proof of the employee being on the property (GPS) at that precise moment.

This feature is ideal for guards who are deployed to locations where there is no supervision at time of arrival or departure and ensures that you have documented proof to show your client that their property was indeed covered at the specific times they requested.

From your administration portal, you can always see a list of all employees start and end shift times that include a link to view their GPS location at time of entry along with the picture of the employee who "clocked" in or out.