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The F11 key or Backup Requested status is a button that changes the unit's status to Backup Requested. When a unit is in the Backup Requested status, other units and dispatch are notiffied that this unit is in need of assistance. When a unit is in this status, an audible sound will be played every 5 seconds to notfiy other units and dispatch of this unit's need for assistance. This feature is focused more on patrol units that are able to freely move between accounts and assist other units. When a unit changes status, other units and the dispatcher are able to view this unit's status and determine whether they are available or busy. There are six total statuses a unit can be in.

Below you will see an example of what your dispatcher would see. The dispatcher will be able to see how many units are online and what status they are currently in. Below you will see that the unit is currently in the Backup Requested status which is denoted by a red status color.