As the owner and Chief of Calloway Private Protection Security company, I subscribe to the destiny program and software, and it has been an invaluable and vital part of my day to day operations for my patrol personnel and other staff. I do not know how I operated without this program for so long..
I also like the fact that my officers can complete reports, and I can review them moments after. My clients are informed of occurrences instantly, once they log onto the system. I am most impressed with the alert feature, when an incident occurs and the officer writes a report, I get a notification immediately, this way I know exactly what has occurred, even before I go into the office to start my work day.



  • Helped me to centralize my patrol operations
  • Improved my dispatch call time to my officers
  • My clients now receive reports immediately instead of waiting for them via fax or mail!
  • We now save on printing, which helps to reduce usage of paper, keeping things green

Michael Calloway, Chief